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Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

How to eat during menstruation - "Bilous Anna", a leading expert in the Weight Management Program of the FitCurves fitness club network, a sports dietitian nutritionist, a coach in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is the natural component of the life of absolutely any woman. It lasts approximately 28 days and is accompanied by pains in the lower abdomen and lower back, increased fatigue, irritability. But still, by adjusting your diet these days, you can reduce unpleasant symptoms.

All processes occurring in the body of women are conditionally divided into several phases.

1-5 days

This period is characterized by a sharp drop in the hormone progesterone. The body starts the beginning of menstruation - rejection of the lining of the uterine cavity. During these days of the cycle, a gradual increase in the level of estrogen in the body begins.

Features of food

At a menses the level of calcium strongly falls. With its deficiency, the rate of metabolic processes decreases, the activity of the muscular and nervous systems is disrupted. Deficiency of this microelement is usually expressed by increased irritability and cramps in the legs.

To avoid such a problem, include in your menu dairy products (milk - no less than a glass a day, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese) and green vegetables (broccoli is especially recommended, in which there is a lot of folic acid, normalizing the level of estrogen in the blood and preventing edema).

Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

Painful symptoms during menstruation can reduce foods with antioxidants, in particular apples, plums, citrus and red cabbage, as well as vitamin E - they are rich in soy beans and vegetable oil. Lack of potassium and magnesium, which are often the cause of malaise during menstruation, compensate for bananas, nuts (not more than 100 grams per day), potatoes, seeds, apricots and watermelons.

Replenish the loss of hemoglobin can and should be iron-containing products: seafood, pork and beef liver, buckwheat porridge. This is especially true for those women who use intrauterine contraceptives or who have profuse menstrual flow.

It is highly not recommended to take alcohol - it promotes the expansion of blood vessels, and hence, increased bleeding.

5-14 days

By this time menstrual bleeding usually ends, and the level of estrogen in the body reaches a maximum, a potential period of conception begins.

On the 13th day, the level of pituitary hormones that stimulate the maturation and release of the ovum from the ovary also reaches its peak, and on the 14th day ovulation occurs.

When a woman has a period of increased estrogen - she is sexy, active, purposeful and even courageous and risky. But do not artificially maintain this "fighting spirit" during the whole month, in the impermanence of the state and mood - there is the constancy of the woman.

Features of food

During this period it is good to start a weight loss program - the body is set to burn fat. The effect of proper nutrition and reasonable exercise will be most noticeable.

Include in your menu products containing zinc - this microelement is necessary for the synthesis of hormones, including sex.

Most of all zinc in products of animal origin. The record holder for its content is oysters, enough zinc in rabbit meat and beef liver.

15-23 days

After ovulation, if the egg does not fertilize, the level of estrogen is significantly reduced. The follicle from which the egg has emerged turns into a gland, called the yellow body, which secretes progesterone.

The metabolism slows down - so neither training, nor diet can not bring a visible result. During this period, the body retains fluid - this is manifested by swelling, morning bags under the eyes and a slight increase in weight. The skin often becomes more oily, and closer to menstruation on it can appear various inflammations, pryshchiki.

Features of food

If all of the above symptoms are too obvious, exclude from the menu fatty foods, as well as smoked and salted.

It is important to remember that these days, your well-being depends directly on the food that you eat. Adhering to tips on how to eat properly during menstruation, it will be easier for you to endure critical days and feel much better.


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