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6 Habits That Make The Severe Acne

For teens, acne is a problem that is difficult to avoid. About 6 out of 10 teenagers in the world claim to have 10 skin problems such as dry skin or acne. Well, the problem again is the bad habits without realizing it they were actually trigger acne on the face.

Here are some habits that will lead to acne come and come again:

6 Habits That Make The Severe Acne
Mobile is Dirty
Your face producing oil and sweat that sticks in the phone when you call. Well, imagine the rest of the oil, sweat or dirt that stuck in your face. Consequently face so full of bacteria trigger acne.
Using Too Much Hair Products
In some events, you definitely use hair spray or pomade for hair. Try not to use them excessively. Some hair products can trigger acne, especially in the forehead area.
Too often Cleaning Face
One myth about acne is Acne appears due to a dirty face, so must be frequently cleaned. But according to the study, cleaning your face too often can scrape oil on the face. This would trigger excessive facial oil production which resulted in the growth of acne..
Too Many Acne Removal Cream
Sometimes when it's upset, so that acne is gone, you are applying a lot of acne removal creams on the face. The fact is that some of the ingredients contained in acne removal creams can irritate the skin. So, just apply to taste.
Pressed Acne
Squeeze pimples would only make acne more serious. One result is that difficult acne scars disappear.
Consume Foods High Sugar
Foods that are high in sugar associated with the growing number of acne. Avoid foods such as potato chips, bread, pasta, or cake.

So that cured acne landed on the face, of course, you have to stop this bad habit and start cleaning your face regularly every morning and after the move. Choose cleaning products that contain formulas entire circuit is active against 10 of oily skin and acne problems at once enlightening skin.


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