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Tips for Healthy Diet Blood Type O

When we discuss such a diet based on blood type O blood type diet, then there are three main classifications of food, namely: food as very good, neutral, and the group of foods to avoid. Food is included in the excellent category, are foods that can be kind of food healer. While food neutral is the type of food when consumed does not have much influence. And foods that should be avoided category can be foods that are toxic or detrimental.

Health problems of blood group O
Needs to be the concern that people with blood type O are likely prone to several health problems such as:
  • Tiredness or lack of energy
  • Blood pressure is rising
  • Easily become high cholesterol levels
  • Thyroid hormone deficiency
  • Often suffer from constipation and digestive problems else, high stomach acid
  • High levels of stomach acid
  • More at risk of blood clots
Well, now we will discuss diet blood type O.

The food menu O blood type diet diet should be safe, healthy and low in calories to be consumed for owners of blood type O. Type O blood is the blood type that is first found and appears in humans. The blood type diet experts advise those with blood type O is very in to start their diet with foods that are high in protein.

For those who have blood type O, you should consume a lot of green vegetables, foods with high levels of animal protein, and seafood. While the vegetables that contain a lot of lectins such as eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms, and bean sprouts should be avoided. Other foods such as sardines, tuna, tofu, tempeh, chicken, beef, and soy milk are some foods that are neutral for blood type O.

Those who have blood type O should avoid the risk of gastric disorders, allergies and joint pain such as: peanuts, pork, pumpkin seeds, cashews, laichi, cucumbers, potatoes, cauliflower, frogs, clams, octopus, ice cream, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, coconut oil, corn oil, turtle, corn, cantaloupe, mushrooms, mandarin oranges, melon, plantain, white wine, coffee, soy sauce, squid, cuttlefish, liquor, and flowers of broccoli ,

In addition to having a diet do not miss to do this type of cardio exercise in the morning as cycling, jogging, or swimming, in order to provide a good influence to refresh the body.


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