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11 Bamboo Leaves Benefits For Health

Bamboo is a typical plant native Asia. This plant has the shape of a tall tree structure with many thorns on the branches and rods.

Bamboo Leaves Benefits For Health

Bamboo has buds that serves to breed themselves. Almost all parts of the bamboo tree can be used. Part of bamboo leaf tree can be used for materials home, home furnishings, handicrafts, and various types of art. While the buds or more commonly referred to as bamboo shoots can be delicious dishes and rich with content of a range of nutrients.

But did you know that bamboo leaves also can provide enormous benefits to humans? Bamboo leaves not just be rubbish that messes bamboo garden. Here are the facts about the benefits of bamboo leaves.

Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo leaves that look like not having the benefit it can be processed to assist in the treatment of several diseases. Fresh bamboo leaves are still evident in fiber, antioxidants and various compounds that can not be found in other plants. However, the processing of fresh bamboo leaves can not be done manually. Processing of bamboo leaves into a mixing drinks just like the process of making tea. So, here are the benefits of bamboo leaves that have been formed in the blend or tea.

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1. Bamboo Leaves to Reduce Sugar Levels

Bamboo leaf tea that has been processed into and through all kinds of drying procedure will produce a very distinctive smell. Mixture of tea used to be derived from bamboo leaf jasmine or frangipani. The fiber content of bamboo leaves proved very effective for lowering blood sugar. In addition, fiber is also very good for weight loss because it would lead to full effect longer.

2. Bamboo Leaves to Set Digestive System

Digestive problems can cause the stomach to be uncomfortable. This problem typically include abdominal bloating, excessive gas, constipation or diarrhea. It turns out the processed bamboo leaves into tea could form a compound that serves to regulate the digestive system.

Drinking tea from the leaves of bamboo can make the stomach becomes more comfortable. You can drink this concoction before eating bamboo leaves.

3. Bamboo Leaves for Preventing Free Radicals

Bamboo leaves have antioxidant compounds that are very complete. In addition, these antioxidant compounds are also found with natural vitamins and minerals in bamboo leaves. Processing of bamboo leaves into tea it also makes the effects of antioxidant compounds become stronger. The process of formation is an excellent antioxidant compounds to ward off cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

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4. Bamboo Leaves to Maintain Health

Bamboo leaf tea that has been molded into it also does not contain caffeine and safe when mixed with other ingredients. You can add lemon, jasmine aroma or fresh mint leaves. Refreshing effect of bamboo leaf tea will make the body fresh and warm. Concoction of dried bamboo leaves can be against wind and flatulence.

5. Bamboo Leaves for Detoxification

Bamboo leaves have natural anti-inflammatory properties and also support the detoxification process. Compounds that arise in the processing of bamboo leaf concoction can help the body in loaded all toxins from the body's sweat or tract secretions. The effects of drinking a concoction of bamboo leaves is very effective to cope with respiratory problems and also disorders of the liver.

6. Leaves Bamboo to Strengthen Network Nails and Hair

Bamboo leaves also helps the body to strengthen the network of the nails and hair. Blend of bamboo leaves contain vitamin E and antioxidant compounds that are good for maintaining healthy tissues in the body. Consumption blend of bamboo leaves will enhance the growth of new hair tissue is more fertile and strengthen nails layer.

7. Prevent Hypertension

Bamboo leaves are formed into a tea or concoction has a calming effect. This will make the body become more fresh. In addition, natural bamboo leaf has a function to lower blood pressure, regulate the vascular system of the heart and also maintain healthy blood vessels.

8. Helps Skin Care

Fresh bamboo leaves also can be the best material to treat the skin. Take a few pieces of fresh bamboo leaves and mash until smooth. Give it a few drops of olive oil or honey and used as a mask to cleanse the skin. Fibers and granules on bamboo leaves can make your skin softer. It also does not cause irritation.

9. Help Heal and Closing Wounds

Isoorientin substances found in fresh bamboo leaves have a very good system to help heal wounds and wound closure in a faster way. Even granting the wound with fresh bamboo leaves smoothed can close the wound for about 29 hours. This research has been conducted by medical experts in China and Japan.

10. Relieve Menstrual Pain

When menstruation then usually women would feel uncomfortable especially as abdominal pain, back pain, and bone pain. Also coupled with a decrease in the levels of hb so that the body becomes weaker. To overcome this problem then it could use a fresh bamboo leaf decoction.

You can create a blend of 5 pieces of fresh bamboo leaves, then wash thoroughly. Boil four cups of water and leaving up to one glass. Drink at night before bed and you will lessen menstrual pain.

11. Smooth urinating

Bladder problems usually will cause a burning sensation and pain during urination. These problems can occur for many reasons such as virus infection or germs and lack of drinking water. To overcome this problem naturally then you can boil about 20 pieces of fresh bamboo leaves with 3 cups of water. Let boil and leaving up to 1 cup only. To get a more potent properties it is advisable to add 2 tablespoons of pure honey.

Bamboo leaves tea

The benefits of bamboo leaves should consider carefully because herbal test for this product is rarely found in Asia. If you want to try, here are some tips consumption:
  • Find young bamboo leaves
  • Rinse
  • Boil in water to taste
  • Drink boiled water bamboo leaves
  • Perform routine for 1 week
  • If no changes should immediately contact the doctor concerned.


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  4. Hi. Is there any product available in market so that i can test.

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    1. I think of all kinds can be used, but better consult first with plant experts who know about the substances in bamboo leaves

  6. Hi! Is there a specific type of bamboo plant that should be used?

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