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10 Benefits of Black Tea For Health and Beauty

There are various types of tea that had been circulating in the public market, and more recently came the black tea that start to align themselves with the senior like green tea in terms of benefit. Below is a list describing the benefits of black tea are traced both in terms of health and beauty.

In Terms of Health

There are a variety of black tea for health benefits and the list below is the goodness of black tea for the body. Then it has been classified in accordance with the division of labor system of the body respectively, congratulations to listen:

Benefits of Black Tea For Health and Beauty
1. Frame motion
  • Drinking black tea regularly proved capable in maintaining bone health threats from various microorganisms destroyer bone, bone health and therefore will always be awake
  • Drinking black tea also has the potential to protect you from the threat of osteoporosis or bone loss that weakens your limbs
  • Black tea also contains so potent in regulating the levels of uric acid in the blood stream within normal limits so that you will avoid the risk of sore or inflammation in the joints

2. Nerve
  • Trained to drink black tea regularly proven to be able to soothe your terms, this way every time you drink black tea then your body will always feel more refreshed, more energetic, positive and more motivated in order to live the rest day of fun
  • Black tea also has an important role in order to maintain the relationship between the main nerve center of the brain so that it can increase the concentration of your learning at the same level of intelligence you
  • Black tea is capable of supporting the performance of the circulatory and nervous system to work optimally, it will help people who are having trouble on the patterns of irregular sleep that sleeplessness or insomnia, the content in black tea has also proved capable of calming the system digestion so that you can sleep soundly without interruption

3. Immunity
  • The content of the benefits of antioxidants in black tea that is very high will help your defense system to counter any threat of harmful microorganisms that threaten the health of the body, both derived from a group of viruses, bacteria or fungi
  • Black tea is also instrumental in providing the content that is able to help the immune system to overcome the inflammation and infection or irritation that commonly occur on the surface of the skin
  • Drinking black tea are able to fight the virus that causes the flu, all complaints such as dizziness, stuffy nose, tongue tasted bitter and itchy throat able to quickly alleviated by the high antioxidant content contained in the black tea

4. Metabolism
  • Drinking black tea regularly is very advisable for anyone who is a diet program. Due to the content in black tea were able to suppress the feeling of hunger is longer and prevent the absorption of excess calories that are not needed by the body and is likely to become fat deposits that will make the body become increasingly obese
  • Drinking black tea regularly is also proven to help people with diabetes to control blood sugar levels in their blood stream. It is inseparable from the content of black tea's ability to improve its activities and maximize the production of insulin in the body

5. Cardiovascular
  • Drinking black tea regularly between 1 to 2 cups per day can lower blood cholesterol levels by up to 46% the amount, and if the dose is increased to 4 cups routinely eliminate the percentage of blood cholesterol can reach 68%, based on research
  • The content of black tea is also able to clean the blood vessels of all evil fatty plaque so that blood flow will always run more smoothly and the heart of the work will be alleviated
  • Black tea is also able to reduce the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease due to its ability to maintain cardiovascular channels ranging from blood vessels, pressure up also on the performance of the heart in pumping blood
  • Drinking black tea may counteract the blood pressure in people who have a tendency complaints hypertension if taken regularly

6. Respiratory
  • Drinking black tea were able to relax all the nerves or muscles so that it is able to slightly ease the complaints of asthma that you suffer
  • If you are experiencing sore throat is a good idea to drink black tea brewed sake of your throat immediately as usual
  • Black tea also plays a role in protecting the microorganisms danger to lungs like that happen on the symptoms of pneumonia

7. Digestion
  • Drinking black tea infusion can relieve diarrhea immediately because the content inside will push out all the microorganisms that cause diarrhea and will not let them stay for long in the intestine
  • The content of catechins, polyphenols, tannins and fluoride is proven to combat the potential symptoms of cancer of the mouth, keeping the tooth enamel remains strong, prevent plaque or dental pain, as well as reducing the potential for bad breath

8. Reproduction
  • For women who often to drink the cup of black tea on a regular basis, the level of fertility of the reproductive system will always be maintained and increased

9. Excretion
  • Drinking black tea regularly will be able to cleanse your body of all toxins through urine and feces because generally tea is a diuretic substance that stimulates to urinate frequently and if balanced with sufficient drinking water, the toxins will be treated and disposed of in an optimal

In Terms of Beauty

Here is how the application of black tea to keep the members of your body, with the benefits of black tea. Among them:

Benefits of Black Tea For Health and Beauty
1. Hair
  • Wash your hair using shampoo as usual and rinse with water until clean
  • Then in the last rinse use the brew two cups of black tea that has concentrated a bit cold for you to apply it evenly on your hair, wait a while to sink in and then rinse with clean water
  • Black hair shiny, healthy else you will get immediately

2. Face
In order to get a bright facial skin soft and avoid wrinkles caused by free radicals simply use the dregs brewed black tea to mask, wait until less than 30 minutes and make sure you wash and dry your face before and after application
To refresh the eye, removes puffiness and eye circles simply use two bags of black tea steeping former and paste it on both your eyelids, wait a moment and then lift, make sure you wash your face before and after application
To relieve acne immediately by using the dregs of the former brew black tea then first you have to do is wash your face and pat dry with a soft towel, clean and dry, then put teacup earlier on the face with acne, set aside some time before you begin to cleanse your face from teacup to clean with water and then dry them. High antioxidant content of black tea will fight against the proliferation of bacteria so that your acne will more quickly subside
To get soft lips by using the dregs of the former brew black tea you should wash and dry out your face first, then start applying teacup on your lips evenly while pressing it gently for about 5 minutes and then after that, rinse mouth with clean water and dry, do it regularly in order to get maximum results gentle aunt

So much so that benefits can be obtained from the content contained in this black tea, it could not hurt for us to try it. And also make sure that you always use a variety of natural materials in order to maintain the health and beauty of the body. Because only discover the most secure of various adverse side effects. Good luck applying it in their homes and wait for the reaction of the benefits contained in it.

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  1. The fermentation in black tea brewing is really a process that oxidizes the tea leaves: it also increases the amount of caffeine by weight, making black tea a unique energy source.