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4 Important Benefits of Almonds for Skin

Almonds are often used as materials for beauty products or cosmetics. This is because the almond oil has a content that can provide natural moisture to the skin. The use of almond oil directly, very good because it is not contaminated with other chemicals. Just as the benefits of olive oil, can also be mixed with other natural ingredients to get better results.
The following are:

1. Moisturize and Smooth Skin
Over time, skin damaged by the sun and experience the signs of aging on the skin. Almond oil is very powerful used as a skin moisturizer to soften and smooth the skin. In the "Complementary Therapies In Clinical Practice" issue in February 2010, states that almond oil is an emollient properties that provide the ability to rejuvenate and soften the skin so that it can improve skin tone 1).

2. Relieves Skin Irritation
Almond Tremendous Benefits For Your Skin
Many things can be done by the body and involves the skin directly, thus making it vulnerable to irritation such as itching, swelling, red spots on the skin so as itching and swelling. Then skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema that causes inflammation of the skin, as well as redness and itching rash. Almond oil can temporarily relieve the inflammation and irritation associated with these conditions. But before use on the skin, do a little experiment with using this oil, to determine whether there is an allergy or sensitivity of almond oil.

3. Get rid of dead skin cells
Skin looks dull usually due to dead skin cells, due to factors such as sweat, pollution or dust, dirt and so on. Getting rid of dead skin cells that will brighten the skin back to get rid of skin cells that have died. How:
  • Mix the milk of almond oil with a teaspoon, a little lemon juice and gram
  • Apply on the face, then let stand at least 30 minutes before rinse with clean water
  • To be made into a scrub, add 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Use on the face with a massage in a small circular motion to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads
4. Overcoming Wrinkles
Almond Tremendous Benefits For Your Skin
The content of herbal oils such as almond oil is also able to reduce wrinkles on the face. The content of vitamin A and B that help address the problem of wrinkles, also contained in many other nuts as we encountered on the benefits of red beans and green beans benefits. Its use is definitely better because it is free of chemicals or substances or fragrances sensitive adiftif contained in cosmetic products.

Other benefits of almond oil is often used as a substitute for regular cooking oil in cooking because the oil content essensialnya better than palm oil. However, because of almond oil derived from nuts, its use should be restricted to patients allergic to nuts.


  1. Almond is one really healthy thing to have in your life. It is also very beneficial for those who are having problems related to hair or memory. This is one really interesting nut to have and the best part without any side effects. You can also try some other fruits like noni, Mangosteen, they are healthy too.