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Breastfeeding: 12 unexpected things that you do not know

If you soon have to become a mother, and you still have not decided whether to breastfeed, or prefer mixtures - read the article and draw your own conclusions.

From 1 to 7 August, the World Breastfeeding Week is held, the purpose of which is to inform women about the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of the child.

The benefits of breastfeeding are said a lot, but only mothers who have already passed through this can tell much more than written in any booklets or spoken by speakers from the stands.

Breastfeeding: 12 unexpected things that you do not know
12 unexpected things that you will encounter in the period of breastfeeding.

1. Breastmilk does not need to be paid

Quality blends are not an expensive pleasure, which will very significantly exacerbate your family budget. Unlike breast milk, which is always fresh, the right temperature and freely available. The main thing - a balanced diet of the mother, and then problems with the arrival of milk will not.

2. You can feed lying down

You can feed a screaming lump without getting out of bed. You do not need to run to the kitchen, sterilize the bottle, heat the water and dilute the mixture. All you need is to take the baby and attach it to your chest.

3. You can feed and sleep
You can sleep quite peacefully while the baby is saturated with breast milk. You do not worry that he will drop the bottle, choke or choke - the nature has thought of everything.

Size 4
You always complexed because of its first size, which seemed to you incomplete? And how do you like the third breast size? Let this happiness last for long (as long as you will feed), but still a couple of seductive selfies in your phone will remain.

5. Silence

Breastfeeding is the simplest and fastest way to achieve silence. A small screaming mouth will not wait until you shake your hands with a shaking hand, he wants everything right now.

6. Your hand is free

If you feed the baby from the bottle, then with one hand you have to keep the "client", the other - a bottle. In the case of breastfeeding, it's easier: you have a free hand, and you can even eat your lunch with it.

7. Tea break

During the feeding period, the mother has the right to an undeniable "excuse" - a tea party. If you ran out of milk (or you just wanted to rest), you can take time off for a 15-minute tea party, in this nursing mother no one will refuse. You can safely drink tea with biscuits, rest and wait until the dairy farm is filled with "food".

8. Sleeping

Breastfeeding is the easiest and most reliable way to put the baby to sleep. 10 minutes at the warm mother's breast in combination with light motion sickness do their thing in five minutes.

9. Health

Mom's milk for the baby is the most useful food. No mixture, even the most expensive, will replace this unique product.

10. You do not need to bring bottles with you.

If you and the baby are going for a walk, you do not need to worry about taking a bottle with you. At any moment the child will have access to mother's milk, and for the mother this is a minus a huge headache.

11. Eat and Thin

A woman who is breastfeeding needs more food and nutrients, since she gives a lot. You can eat a lot and almost anything, and you will not be "inflated" like a balloon.

12. You can at any time stop feeding

If you decided to breastfeed, it does not mean that the next three years the baby will only be hanging on your chest. After the child turns six months old, you can gradually wean him and inject lure. How much to feed the baby with breast milk is up to you.


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