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Want More Lean Body? Reduce Watching Television!

Many health experts lamented the development of technology tend to make a lot of people are becoming increasingly unhealthy when compared to the previous.

Want More Lean Body? Reduce Watching Television!
For example, now more people are likely more prone to weight problems when compared to the previous. The reason? Now people are becoming increasingly sedentary to enjoy television shows or use gadgets. For this reason many health experts says if we want to lose weight, one of the ways that can be done is to reduce the time watching television.

National Institute of Health UK or NICE provides some recommendations for people who want to fight the problem of obesity or weight loss. From some of the recommendations issued, such as restricting the consumption of fast food, began to avoid food and drinks that have added sugar, and for children and adults, should begin to implement the free TV once in a week and a day should be restricted only allowed two hours watching television.

Health expert who is director of Community Health Centers NICE, Professor Mike Kelly, said that in Britain alone in the last 10 years there have been increasing cases of obesity doubled so that healthcare practitioners are increasingly vigorous campaign for healthy diet and regular physical activity. Not only for those who have weight problems, those who had normal weight should also be involved to do this.

In addition, Mike Kelly also advise people to be more wise in limiting television time remembering it took a major role in making the problem of obesity. In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages should also began to be restricted in order to maintain their ideal body weight.


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