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6 Bad Effects Extreme Diet

Strict diet or not eating at all is not a good way to lose weight. Any negative impact to the body can vary. When you have an important event (eg, a friend's wedding) and had to lose weight rapidly, strict diet and do not eat at all like an instant solution to get a flat stomach. But diet is too extreme or often also called crash diets can provide a variety of negative effects to the body.

6 Bad Effects Extreme Diet
What's crash diet?

Crash diets can be fed with very low calories, do not eat anything but excessive exercise, or other just drink it. Crash diets are all forms of extreme diet to lose weight quickly in large quantities.

What are the negative effects?

1. The weight will go up rapidly
Of course you will not do this diet forever, right? So once you return to normal eating habits, the weight of your body will certainly go up quickly and will even exceed your original number of scales.

2. Interfere with the metabolism
Crash diets can have a negative effect on your metabolism. If you eat the serving of very little or not eating at all, you will give a signal to your body to slow the metabolism. Slowing metabolism will disrupt your digestive system, especially if you will go back to normal eating patterns.

3. Increased hunger
When you make yourself "starve", then the body will send signals to the brain that you are actually "starving". Then when you start eating again, the brain will receive a signal that food is available and the brain will give a signal to overeat.

4. Nutritional deficiencies
If you're doing an extreme diet, intake of nutrients you become much reduced. Many disorders that can occur when the body's nutritional deficiencies, such as mineral deficiencies that can lead to osteoporosis and brittle bones, or lack of iron can cause anemia.

5. Effects on appearance
Extreme weight loss was also going to affect your appearance. Not only the face will look older, but your hair will also become thin as hair loss. In addition, you will also experience bad breath from starvation causes the production of excessive bacteria.

6. Less energy
You try doing this diet for a day, would you immediately feel lethargic and tired easily. The body feels less energy. What caused it? Of course when the body's "lack of food" as a source of energy, then you will become more easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating and consequently also decreased job performance.

Remember that instant everything, including extreme diet, never good for your body. Therefore, before trying any diet, you should consult with your doctor or nutritionist nutrition.


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