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5 Natural Ways to Overcome Skin Wrinkles And Dry

At the time of aging, the skin will naturally run into wrinkles even dried. Wrinkled skin is a problem that is feared by the ladies, but will make the face look old, wrinkled skin also causes increasingly unattractive appearance.

In other cases, wrinkles and dry skin can also attack people who are still young even at the age of 20 years. Marks that appear when the skin begins to wrinkle usually marked as loosening of the skin under the eyes, forehead, cheeks and even hands and feet. 

Natural Ways to Overcome Skin Wrinkles And DryThis could have been caused because they are less concerned with healthy living. For that we will prescribe traditional wrinkles naturally safe and suitable for you who want to eliminate wrinkles and tighten skin. Here are some tips to overcome wrinkles and dry skin naturally.

1. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a natural oil that is useful in beauty treatments. However, when using coconut oil for skin care therapy, use coconut oil instead of original handmade oil in packaging. Pure coconut oil can remove the dirt on the skin and helps keep moisture from the outside. 
So the dry skin and wrinkles will return to its original shape so that it looks supple and fresh. Besides useful in the treatment of skin, coconut oil can also be used in hair care make it more black.

2. Bananas
Banana is a fruit that is rich in vitamins, therefore the fruit is very good for health. Bananas are also quite well used in beauty care, especially for the skin to avoid dryness and wrinkles. Tips to overcome wrinkles and dry skin is also very easy, use a banana as a mask on the face or other areas.
First, mash bananas until smooth, can be added to the oil zaitunatau coconut oil to prevent sticking. Use as a mask on the face and leave for 15 minutes. After that, clean and rinse with water and soap. Banana mask can restore skin moisture, so avoid dryness and wrinkles signs of aging.

3. Honey
Honey is a natural ingredient known natural dai has thousands of benefits. Benefits of honey for skin care that can keep the humidity so it does not make the skin dry and dull. Natural ingredient in honey will nourish the skin making it more healthy and avoid premature aging.
Apply pure honey on the entire surface evenly thin thin skin. Concentrating on the most wrinkled like under the eyes, forehead and cheeks. Use every day on a regular basis in order to be healthy and beautiful skin.

4. Olive oil
Olive oil has been known for its benefits in the treatment of hair. Olive oil can take care of fertility hair, so avoid the loss. Olive oil can nevertheless maintain skin moisture that are not easily dry and wrinkled. By using olive oil on the skin, then you will be free from the problem of aging so that it can look more fresh and beautiful.

5. Tomatoes
Other natural ingredients that can be used to prevent dry skin care and wrinkles that tomatoes. Benefits of tomatoes may be obtained by making a mask facial skin. The content of antioxidants in tomatoes can prevent free radicals so that the signs of aging can be resolved.

Try to use a mask tomatoes regularly. Use at least twice a week so that the result is more rapid. Besides as a mask, tomatoes are also very deliciously made fresh juice. Eating tomato juice regularly also can keep the skin moist.

Those are some ways to cope with wrinkles and dry skin with natural traditional medicine, if you do it regularly, then there is the face of your wrinkles will quickly disappear. Medicine natural wrinkles above is guaranteed safe compared to chemical drugs which may not be successfully overcome your wrinkled skin


  1. You must be use always natural products for your face. Face is very sensitive place so be carefully when you will use any beauty products for your face and skin.
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  2. Without any courses you can use those natural creams for wrinkles on the face. It has no bad effects.
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