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Depression Can Ruin Leather - 8 Tips To Overcome It

The effects of stress on the skin does not mess around. Stress can cause a variety of chemical reactions in the body that causes the skin to become more sensitive and reactive. Stress can also cause a variety of problems existing skin such as acne or allergies (eczema) become more severe.

Depression Can Ruin Leather - 8 Tips To Overcome It
When stressed, the body will produce a stress hormone called cortisol, and also several other hormones that cause the sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil) become more active so that the skin becomes more oily. Oily skin is more susceptible to problems.

To that end, handling stress is good and right will help you get healthier skin, bright and fresh. In addition, when the stress is unavoidable we can reduce the bad effects on the skin with good skin care.

Here are some that you can do to treat the skin even in conditions of stress:

#1. Keep Skin Care
Although tired or under stress, keep doing skin care routine so that the skin condition is maintained. Keep skin moist with simple treatments such as with a shower using soap moisturizer. Do not use too many care products and make sure to use the right products and the appropriate treatment for your skin type.
#2. Exercise Regularly
Regular exercise will help to better blood circulation, including to areas of skin. Exercise is also good for fitness and mind.

#3. Provide Time Relax
Even if you only have 10-15 minutes a day, take time to relax. You can do massage, a hot bath or listening to soft music.

#4. Give time for hobbies
Give the schedule to do the things you love on the sidelines of the bustle so you are not constantly in a state of stress. However, do not let yourself be lulled so you forget tasks.

#5. Enough Sleep
Adults need 7-8 hours of time every day to sleep. Sleep is the time at which your body perform repairs body cells, including the cells of your skin.

#6. Practicing Handle Stress
If the stress is unavoidable, you need to learn how to handle it very well suppose that the religious approach, relaxation or counseling.

#7. Know Boundaries Yourself
Do not be afraid to say "no" to something that is beyond your limits. Thus, you avoid creating pressure that you can not overcome.

#8. Tell a problem on your best friend
Have friends, family or medical professionals to listen to your complaints will help you to share the burden and help you look at a problem from different sides. They may be able to help you see a choice of solutions to your problems. This can help reduce the stress in your life.

Body and mind happy will help your skin become more healthy, radiant, and glowing!


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