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Tips for Healthy Diet Blood Type AB

People with AB blood type tend to have an extremely poor digestive system than those with other blood groups. Blood type AB is a combination of blood groups A and B so that the immune system is very good, in addition, because AB is a combination, so it is also safe to do ab blood type diet.

Blood Type
This time discussed diet is a diet for those with type AB blood type. People with this blood type tend to be rare and most sought-after for blood donors. Blood type AB blood type is a combination of A and B so that their immune systems who have this blood ngolongan very good. Moreover, because of blood type AB is a combination, so they are also safe to diet for blood group A and B.

Dr Peter D'Adamo makes AB blood type diet program to help them be healthier and maintain their weight. He did this came from the understanding that each blood type has a different metabolism. Blood type AB blood type is the most complicated because of this blood type is a combination of blood groups A and B.
Blood type AB is owned by uniting weaknesses blood groups A and B. Here are some foods that should be consumed or avoided by those who do the AB blood type diet.
The food should be avoided:
  • Meat
Those who have blood type AB bodies they do not have enough stomach acid to digest food and perform metabolism in animal protein. So they must menghindarai food, such as chicken, beef, and pork. While the types of meat is good for blood gong AB is meat rabbits, turkeys, and sheep, rabbits, chickens and turkeys.
Meat that will lead to problems for AB blood type is the chicken because these meats can lead to the emergence of autoimmune diseases. Highly recommended to limit the consumption of chicken meat.
  • Dairy products
Those with blood type AB prone to excess mucous. Therefore, they are susceptible to respiratory problems, sinus, or ear infections. Highly recommended for people with blood type AB to reduce dairy products such as butter, cheese American, parmesan cheese, or milk. Avoid duck egg, blue cheese, and ice cream.

And enter the following foods in the diet, blood type AB:
  • Knows, can help the body's metabolism to work more efficiently and increased bowel movements.
  • Pineapple, helps digestion and improves bowel movements
  • For the purpose of weight loss, AB should avoid wheat and dairy in order to be efficient metabolism.
  • Goat milk products, cheese from goat's milk, and yogurt.

Although the nature of genetic and blood type because the digestive system is not as good as the blood group AB other, then AB is programmed to not eat meat, because meat will be stored as fat. To that end, the best option is to replace it with vegetables and tofu

Lack of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach those who have blood type AB may also interfere with the absorption of vitamin B12. Inability is what will make the blood group AB are susceptible to anemia.

AB blood type and blood group B have similar insulin reaction that may result in hypoglycemia (abnormal condition of the blood sugar levels in the body) when eating red beans, corn, noodles and sesame seeds.


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