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How can lose weight fast?

How can lose weight fast? Everyone knows the answer to this question, but for some reason few people apply knowledge in practice. To the question "why?" Is unlikely you someone will answer honestly. There are many reasons such as: heredity, I eat a little, but still recover, I have no money out to buy healthy foods ...

In fact, the situation is quite different. We are lazy and that's the problem! One may talk about heredity, but it does not help. A friend of mine at every conversation was justified, she eats like a bird, but for some reason all the fullness and the fullness ... 

How can lose weight fast?
Yes, she ate not so much. But what she was eating! Meat with white bread, white bread soup, fish with white bread. And the main meal she ate really small, but a loaf of white bread was leaving for the day. One day we had an argument at the moment when I drew attention to this feature of its power . She was offended and about 2 weeks, we did not talk. After 2 weeks, she obviously emaciated, came to me with a gift and said that it was my words helped her realize that she eats properly. The bread was forgotten and replaced with slices of celery. Says that delicious. I do not know, all I want to try, but no one will give a kick ... Lady as she lost 3 pounds. 

The conclusion is: how can you lose weight fast ? Necessary to abandon harmful products containing large amounts of empty calories. If removed from the diet of white bread, this will reduce daily calorie intake is approximately 2 times. Eat better any vegetable or fruit.

Next, my lady friend decided not to stop there and to overcome my laziness. How much do I remember her, she slept like a log day, justifying himself that night could not close my eyes. But in the end she slept during the day and at night. It turned out that she was awake in a day not more than 10 hours, and 14 hours of accumulated zhirok. One day her husband hinted that more can not continue, and we ought to go to the normal mode of life . "Or your den day (as he called bed), or I" - he set such an ultimatum. Loneliness is not included in the plans ladies, and she decided to give up an afternoon nap.

As she says, it was awfully hard. His eyes were closing, but habitual sleep time she dressed and went for a walk. She hated the street, nature, neighbors, in short, everything that surrounded her. Gradually the dream receded, and began walking she likes. Socializing with the neighbors began to bring pleasure and compliments about how well it began to look, it led to a complete delight. Standing on the scales in a month, the lady discovered the loss of another 5 pounds of excess weight .

The conclusion is that enough to change lifestyle sedentary, lying on a more agile and can quite quickly lose weight . 

It would seem that we can again lean on favorite foods and immerse your body in a sweet nap. But the lady decided not to stop halfway.

In the house next door was opened a fitness club. Bringing in a fist all his will, she forced herself to cross the threshold of this club. First, do not even get the usual walking, 5 minutes later started dyspnea. But the lady continued to persevere. Two weeks later, she had no idea how early could live without it. Every muscle requested load. And the result is minus 3 cm in waist even more spurred to longer sessions. 

The next step was to visit the ladies beauty salon. Tanned masseur started to form her "new body", she helped him, continuing to eat right, exercise and keep active. A month later, the result was evident. Rejuvenated, postroynevshaya and confident lady came to visit me. For everything it took several months.

Hence the conclusion: how to quickly lose weight ? If you apply all of the above steps are not consistent, and in parallel, it is possible to lose weight quickly. The main thing is to love yourself and set aside laziness. Nutrition, exercise, sports, massage - your success. Lose weight fast really. Several months of work - and you're in shape. Is not that fast when compared with the time that is allotted to man to life in this world? 

Be slim, beautiful, and most importantly - healthy!