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Reasons to include milk in your diet

Is it possible to do without this product or is it not worth it to refuse? Let's understand.

Reasons to include milk in your diet

Recently, it has become "fashionable" to refuse milk in the diet. As the main argument among the supporters of a dairy-free diet, the fact is that, they say, animals feed their young with milk for a limited amount of time, and never again return to it in adulthood. It's funny that the followers of this hypothesis do not have a desire to compare the behavior of man and mammals in other spheres, for example, in the social, sphere of communication or attitude to the environment. The zealous opponents of milk also often forget that animals are either herbivorous or carnivorous and adhere to a limited diet of their kind, while the person, at a different stage of evolution, most often chooses a more varied diet for himself. But whether there is a place for milk in this variety, really want to understand.

It turns out that it is the milk that can be that wand, which we often look for not there, and in all places at once. So.

When we say "milk", we immediately think "protein".

And not by chance. Proteins are an essential part of our diet. Decaying into simpler compounds, they regulate most of the chemical reactions occurring in the body. In this case, proteins are giant molecules, consisting of smaller units - amino acids. In total, 20 amino acids are involved in the design of proteins. It is important from the point of view of nutrition that eight (for children nine) of 20 amino acids can not be synthesized by the human body. Since they are necessary to maintain metabolism, they must enter the body together with food. They are called irreplaceable and just all are present in milk proteins, including thermally processed.

Milk contains many vitamins.

Vitamins are organic substances and, as a rule, are contained in plants and animal organisms in low concentrations. In this case, they are absolutely necessary for normal life. Rich in vitamins and milk. Among them, A1, B1, B2, C and D are the most known. At the same time, the heat-treated milk, which is most available today to urban residents, is not inferior to the content of vitamins to freshly squeezed milk. For example, a liter of ultra-pasteurized milk (treated with a short heat effect of over 100 degrees for 4 seconds) contains a daily dose of vitamins A and B2, ½ of the daily requirement of vitamin B1 and 1/5 of the daily vitamin D for an adult. Deficiency of these vitamins in the body leads to a decrease in resistance to infectious diseases, stunting of growth in children, loss of appetite, increased fatigue, fatigue, in general, all that we are sure to encounter in an improperly balanced diet.

Milk will help to cope with the problem of iodine deficiency.

It turns out that it is not so small. In Ukraine, according to various studies, iodine intake averages 50-80 μg per day. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares a daily need for iodine 150 μg for adults and 200-250 μg for pregnant and lactating women. But among the consequences of iodine deficiency and the current attitude towards it, experts note the decrease in fertility in women, the termination of fetal development in pregnant women, the violation of mental and physical development in children ... In milk, iodine is contained as a trace element - in low concentration, but is well absorbed at the expense of ligaments with casein and whey proteins. That is why in the preventive diet it is necessary to include milk and dairy products together with other iodine-containing products.

Milk itself is a complex product.

In addition to the proteins and vitamins described above, it also contains water, fat, lactose (milk sugar), and minerals. At the same time, for example, cow milk is 87% water. Due to the unique composition, milk can be the only product that a person can survive for several months, which has been repeatedly confirmed by various studies over the last 50-60 years. Perhaps, it is not necessary to resort to such extremes in conditions of a modern variety of products. But why not take advantage of the treasure that is so easily accessible on the shelves of our stores?

What to buy?

Speaking about the benefits of milk consumption, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of stability properties of the product that we buy.

To date, milk processing technologies are standardized by most manufacturers. The most gentle heat treatment of milk is called ultra-pasteurization - it is a short-term (4 seconds) heat treatment, at a temperature above 100 degrees (more precisely 134-137). What is important, for such processing is suitable only raw materials of higher and extra varieties. It is this formula that allows you to get the product, purified from harmful bacteria, but not losing its useful properties. A multi-layer aseptic carton pack Tetra Pak is also a way to bring properly processed milk to us with you, ensuring its safety in any conditions due to a combination of layers of packaging.


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