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Hair loss: how to deal with this problem

Read the rules and tips on how to eliminate seasonal hair loss.

Hair loss: how to deal with this problem

Women often notice seasonal problems, namely: dryness, redness and sensitivity of the skin, as well as hair loss. But the most frequent seasonal problems are with the hair: they become dull, they become brittle and can even fall out. But how to stop the hair fall at home and not be left without curls?

First you need to understand why hair has started to fall out: wrong nutrition, stress, genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, decreased immunity, taking hormonal drugs or chemotherapy, infectious diseases of the scalp (seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.), internal diseases of the body (diabetes mellitus, anemia, etc.), insufficient blood supply to the scalp and hair roots, the impact of external aggressive factors (hair coloring, chemical perm, hot styling, postnatal hair loss, etc.).

If hair loss is associated with the above listed factors, then you need to urgently go to the doctor, undergo the necessary examinations and choose a special treatment that can return not only the beauty of your hair, but the health of the entire body.

But if you notice that hair loss is directly related to the seasonal nature, there is a lack of vitamins or you are not properly caring for the hair, then it is worth revising your care and paying more attention to your own hair.

Watch for the amount of hair loss. 

Of course, our hair will always fall out - so there is a natural update. But if, after the usual combing, you have a bunch of hair left on the comb, then it's worth thinking about and reviewing the care for them.

Do special strengthening masks.

To stop hair loss, you need to do weekly strengthening masks at home, able to really make the curls healthy and thick. Perfectly suitable mask from burdock oil. It speeds up hair growth, nourishes the scalp and prevents the appearance of dandruff. To prepare the mask, take 2 tablespoons of burdock oil and combine with 1 tablespoon of water. Heat the mixture in a water bath until it is warm. The resulting consistency is rubbed into the roots. Wrap the head with cellophane or a warm towel, and hold the mask for about an hour.

Create your own firming hair shampoo.

For a start, you can make your ordinary shampoo more useful, which you are accustomed to using. To do this, add to it vitamins A, B, C, B12, which are sold in ampoules in a pharmacy. After the first wash, the hair will become very shiny and will acquire a crazy volume.

Do a head massage.

Before and during washing your head, massage your head slowly with your fingers. Also, every night before going to bed, brush your hair for a few minutes with a special massage brush.


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