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20 fitness tips for lazy bones

Many of them promised to start training themselves, but every time a lot of excuses were invented: there wasn't enough money, then time, then the little finger on the leg was whining.

20 fitness tips for lazy bones

1. Train in the morning
Wake up half an hour early and perform a basic set of exercises. Excuses that you are tired after a busy day or don't have time to enter the hall because of evening traffic jams immediately lose their meaning.

2. Less is better, but better
Short intensive training is often better than long and exhausting. It will not take long, but it will bring a lot of benefit.

3. Combine Workouts
Combine cardio training with power exercises. The 30-minute complex will take less time and will be more efficient at the same time.

4. Use advertising for mini-training
Even watching TV can be beneficial. During the regular advertising, instead of running to the fridge for a sandwich, do a few repetitions of some exercise.

5. Do exercises lying down
Lazybirds like to lie on the couch, but from this position there is a way out: find exercises that you can do lying on the floor or even in the morning in bed, just opening your eyes.

6. Get ready for training from the evening
Prepare the bag in advance. Then you definitely will not be late for training, and the risk of forgetting something necessary will be minimal.

7. Couples
The two are always more cheerful, there is an additional motivation and spirit of competition.

8. Walk more
Use the moments when there is an opportunity to abandon the public transport or car, and walk a couple of kilometers on foot. Stop using the elevator, this is also an excellent workout.

9. Pre-workout shake
Do not practice on an empty stomach. There are a lot of recipes for light and healthy dishes, which you can have a snack before training. It will give you strength and energy.

10. Don't be in a hurry
Count your own strength. Do not immediately try to do many repetitions - increase the load gradually.

11. Train not only in the gym
Try to make sport a part of your daily life. Rise to your toes when standing in line, or do some small exercises while brushing your teeth. Try to take advantage of any everyday situation for health.

12. Turn exercise into a habit
Try to study every week on the same days. Over time, training will become a habit and turn into the same pleasant occupation as watching a new movie in the cinema.

13. Drink more water
On the day a person should drink from 1.5 to 3 liters of pure non-carbonated water, due to this fat during training will be burned more efficiently.

14. Practice for 10 minutes
Excuses, that you do not have time for a sports hall, no longer work. There is a huge amount of ten-minute training, for which time will always be found. Believe me, they are also effective.

15. Drink coffee
Do you fall asleep on the go all day? Better brew a cup of coffee or green tea - this will help to cheer up and add strength for training.

16. Encourage Yourself
Every lazy person must have a motivation. Allow yourself to eat a small piece of cake (or candy, or cookie) after a good workout, or go on a weekend to the club with friends. But only on condition that you do not miss a single training session in the week.

17. Work with small scales
One cardiothoracic can not get rid of excess weight. Without forceful training the desired result will have to wait much longer. Listen to the advice of a personal trainer, and the result will not be long in coming.

18. Social networks
Sign up for the accounts of famous athletes and fitness models. The photos that will appear in the tape will be a great incentive for you.

19. Find a mentor
Motivating photos in the Instagram tape is good, but it's better to find such person in your environment (or in the gym).

20. Get enough sleep
To fully restore the body, you need 7-9 hours of healthy sleep every night. An excellent argument for those who can not get up on an alarm clock and likes to lie under the blanket for an extra half hour.


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