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7 crimes committed by women against their breasts

Sometimes we do not even realize that we are screwing up a figure with our own hands.

7 crimes committed by women against their breasts
1. Wear the wrong bra

If you incorrectly choose the size of the bra, the weight of the chest begins to press on the shoulders, and not distributed evenly. However, and women with small breasts, the problem of the wrong selected bra is also affecting. Push-up bras can limit the movement of the clavicle and upper ribs, which leads to problems with breathing and muscle pain.

2. Smoking

According to medical research, smoking women are exposed to an increased risk of breast cancer. Scientists found that women aged 20 to 44 years, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years or more, 60% more likely to suffer from so-called estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer than non-smokers or few smokers.

3. Doing sports in what will

Training in the gym, jumping and jogging without a sports bra leads to microtrauma of the chest and scars, which then will hurt.

4. Do the nipple piercing
7 crimes committed by women against their breasts
The girls can break the milk ducts, which will complicate the feeding of the child in the future. Some people behind the piercing formed a harmless cyst. Also, the problem with breast sensitivity is quite real.

5. Let the partner pinch too hard

This damages the blood vessels just like tight underwear.

6. Sleeping on the stomach

Sleep in this position leads to deformity of the breast - over the years it will become more flat.

7. Do not moisturize the skin

A good cream for the neckline will make the breast more elastic and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.


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