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How to remove fat from the knees: 7 simple exercises

These exercises, which can be performed at home, will help you to be in great shape, effectively burning fat on the hips and knees.

To remove fatty rollers from the knees, special exercises help: jogging, exercise on an exercise bike, jumping rope, lunges and sit-ups.


Running perfectly helps to get rid of excess fat on the legs near the knees. It is enough to run for 10-15 minutes.

Jump Rope

For classes with a rope, the same amount of energy is expended as on running. But if you have problems with the spine or joints, it is better to refrain from training with a rope.


Put your legs wider than your shoulders, making sure that your knees look straight ahead. Slowly descend on the exhale and slowly rise on the breath. Start with 15 sit-ups and gradually bring this number to 50.

Cycling Training

It is suitable for both a conventional bicycle and an exercise bike. The pedals need to be turned about an hour a day at an average speed. Keep the body straight, without leaning forward.

Climbing the ladder or stepper

Another simple exercise that helps to remove fat over the knees is climbing the stairs or practicing on the stepper in the gym. To start it's enough 5-7 minutes.


The falls are a universal exercise for beautiful legs. Make a wide step with your right foot forward, bending the knee to an angle of 90 degrees. Fall down until your left knee almost touches the floor. Shortly stay in this position. Repeat the exercise with your left foot. Do 15-20 attacks on each leg.

Lifting the legs

Lie on your side, bend the upper leg and put the foot in front of the knee bottom. Lower leg slowly raise and lower. Then repeat, changing your leg. Do 2-3 approaches 15-20 times on each side.