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10 touching moments of pregnancy, which will be remembered for life

Pregnancy is full of touching moments that will remain in the memory of a woman for life. If you have already given birth - read the article and remember how it was with you. If not, find out what awaits you in the future.

1. The pregnancy test is the first emotional moment, from which the nine-month path to a new family member begins.

2. Telling your husband is the second emotional moment that will remain in your memory forever. Some women prepare surprises for their men, some run and spread everything at once - it does not matter. The main thing is emotions, which you both will remember.

10 touching moments of pregnancy, which will be remembered for life
3. The first ultrasound is an acquaintance with a small miracle that grows inside of you. A tiny throbbing dot, which already has a heart, and it beats, and you can see it with your own eyes.

4. Tell everyone about their situation - it's joyful and responsible. Imagine the faces of loved ones who learn such wonderful news.

5. The breast begins to grow. The tummy will appear somewhere in the 14-16 week, but then the chest will begin to fill up literally right away.

6. Throw bad habits, if any, and start a new life. In these months, a woman should spend more time in the open air, eat a balanced and balanced diet, and do things that bring pleasure.

7. The first stirring - you can not be confused with anything else. It's hard to explain, but it's so exciting to feel. Waiting for the first timid jolts can already at the 16th week.

8. Pregnant wardrobe - this is also beautiful. Your sexy blouses and jeans-skins go to the closet, and they are replaced by voluminous sundresses, dresses, "kangaroo" and pants for pregnant women.

9. Taste preferences. You will be surprised at how strange the organism "behaves", demanding products to which you did not experience passion earlier. For example, for a pregnant woman, it is normal to want a smoked mackerel with black bread before going to bed. And want so that no other thoughts in my head do not climb. And right after it - canned pineapple, why not.

10. Draw up a list of unloved cases and transfer these responsibilities to others. Do not like stroking - do not, my husband will survive. Do not like to get up early - no one asks, sleep, while sleeping!

And here's another tip: get a "pregnant" notebook and write down the most emotional moments of your pregnancy. After many years with his help, you can bring to life the experiences of this difficult, but such a touching and important period.


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