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Can pregnant women drink coffee?

Future mothers worry about the health of the baby, so they carefully treat their diets. The question arises: can pregnant women drink coffee?

Scientists say: that pregnant women can drink coffee, only in small quantities: one or two small cups a day. But if you have increased blood pressure, it is better to refrain. You can replace your favorite drink with natural compotes, morsels or a drink from chicory.

Coffee during pregnancy: the arguments "for"

Some experts believe that minimal consumption of coffee will not cause harm to the child, but will cheer up and cheer up the pregnant woman. Therefore, those of us who are accustomed to drinking coffee, you can not give up this drink during pregnancy.

The most important thing is that the coffee is not strong, and its quantity is limited to 1-2 small cups (rather than large mugs) per day.

On the topic of harm and benefit of drinking coffee during pregnancy, a lot of research has been done. Danish scientists, for example, were puzzled by the question, how many cups of coffee a day can you drink to a future mother without harm to yourself and the child?

The study involved 1,207 expectant mothers. Scientists have concluded that a pregnant woman can drink up to three small cups of coffee a day without any negative consequences. Moderate consumption of caffeine does not lead to premature birth and weight loss in newborns.

Coffee during pregnancy: the arguments "against"

Data from other studies suggest that even small doses of caffeine during pregnancy still reduce the average weight of newborns by 100-200 grams. If the future mother drinks more than nine cups of coffee a day, the risk of stillbirth is seriously increased.

The experts themselves are also concerned about the substance caffeine, which exerts an exciting effect on the nervous system and raises blood pressure. If you suffer from hypotension, this effect can be useful, but in the second half of pregnancy, you should especially be afraid of increasing blood pressure.

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High blood pressure can be a sign of a dangerous complication of pregnancy - gestosis. Women who are prone to such problems, caffeine is contraindicated, so the question of whether it is possible to drink coffee during pregnancy is for you, it is better to discuss with your doctor.

How can a future mother replace coffee?

There are times when a woman can not give up her favorite drink even during pregnancy. Then she switches to using decaffeinated coffee, believing it to be a safe alternative.

Is it safe to drink decaffeinated coffee during pregnancy? It turns out that the formulation "without caffeine" is not correct, since this substance is still present in the composition of the drink, albeit in smaller quantities, so it is not worth taking a fancy too.

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So, the general recommendations of doctors are that coffee during pregnancy should be replaced with a useful and safe drink from the root of chicory, fruit drinks, fruit juices and fruit juice, compotes, and, most preferably, drinking water. It should be borne in mind that tea also contains caffeine, therefore, it is strongly brewed and in large quantities, it will not be the best substitute.


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