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Really Rising Dinner Causes Weight Loss?

Eating at night has long been associated with weight gain. Many say you should not eat any of the above 7pm. The question is, whether it is fact or myth?

Of course we all know that if the calories / energy intake is greater than calories out can cause obesity. The theory is correct. Weight loss is influenced by the amount of food, type of food, physical activity, and metabolism. Means more eating, especially foods high in sugar and fat consumed, plus a lack of physical activity will certainly lead to increased weight. Thus, weight gain is not at all related to mealtime. You can eat whenever you want, good morning, noon, or night. But keep in mind is the type of food and the number of calories, so there is no weight gain.

However, most people who eat at night and gained weight normally associated with stress, boredom, fatigue, or insomnia. These conditions can trigger the production of hormones that cause hunger.

Unfortunately, these hormones normally trigger us to eat unhealthy foods, foods high in sugar and fats that contain a lot of calories. Such as chocolates, cookies, candy, ice cream, fried foods, etc. To prevent obesity, choose healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

There are many ways to limit total daily calorie intake to avoid weight gain. Start with a breakfast high in protein and fiber. A healthy breakfast will increase your metabolism and keep you full longer. Do not buy or providing snacks are not healthy in the office or at home. We tend to want to eat snacks that are steeper calories while watching television or working.

To avoid weight gain, if you wake up late and hungry, choose foods that are healthy and make sure it does not exceed your daily calorie needs. Additionally, do not forget to exercise.


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