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Knowing the characteristic feature of Heart Disease and Other Matters Relating

In general, the characteristic feature of heart disease is not readily known by the common people. However, the actual symptoms of this disease should be very wary of. Even should be known early on that a patient with heart disease can cure the disease since the beginning. It is undeniable that heart disease is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. In fact, this disease is a disease ranks first as the cause of human death. Given that the heart is a vital organ in the body, it should be as the owner of the body we must always maintain their health. Because if there is interference on the organ, it will be a lot of diseases or health problems that could occur. Well, in this article we will discuss about what are the causes of heart disease, heart disease hallmark traits, and also how prevention so that you do not have the disease

Frequently Causes Heart Disease Happen

Before discussing what are the characteristics of heart disease, we will invite you to know in advance about the various causes of heart disease. Basically there are a lot of issues that could potentially lead to heart disease. But you need to know, that it turns out a variety of activities that you do often turn out could potentially make you a heart attack. Is this correct? For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

One habit that can lead to someone having a weak heart disease characteristic feature is that There is too often watch TV. Well, for those of you who really like watching TV every day, you should start to reduce the portion of your hobby. Because there are studies that say that by watching TV for more than four hours each day was very risky to make someone experiencing heart problems. In fact not only the effect on heart health, but also for all of your body's health. Therefore you have to reduce the size of your TV watching and more fill your spare time with positive activities.

Well, there is one unique facts about the causes of heart disease hallmark traits that could actually happen because someone rarely brush their teeth. Is this correct? Someone who is more diligent in cleaning the teeth is more secure than the risk of heart disease. On the contrary, if you are very lazy to clean your teeth. The reason is because the bacteria on the teeth it can be bad if it had not been cleaned. One of them is that it can damage the blood vessels and could subsequently affect your heart health. Even for much better, you are also advised to dental check your doctor regularly to determine the health of your teeth.

Too often migrant it also makes a person more susceptible to heart disease. Especially for someone who very frequently experience migraine in one week. This is because migraines have been linked to permanent damage to the holes located between the heart. This problem with Patent Foramen Ovale termed (PFO). Therefore, you may need to immediately see your doctor if you experience frequent migraines.

Characteristic feature of Heart Disease Should Caution

So, next we will discuss about the hallmark traits of heart disease should be aware early on. Because this disease is to be prevented and treated early so as not to continue and could become more dangerous. The first symptoms usually occur are the symptoms of shortness of breath. Usually these symptoms are very often experienced by people with heart problems. Why is this so? When someone is having a heart attack, sometimes there is fluid into the lung cavity. Well, this is what can make a person with heart disease experience shortness of breath. Especially when the patient is in a sleep state.

Besides other characteristic feature of heart disease is a condition often dizzy, even if it is a severe one can often unconscious. In general, people with heart disease are often experienced this. Because the performance of the heart muscle in people who have heart problems will begin to weaken. Well, the result is blood pumped will not be optimal and can not meet the blood supply throughout the body including the brain. This is what sometimes makes a person experiencing a headache. In addition to lack of blood supply throughout the body can also make some parts of the body are also often experience pain. In fact it can happen every day and repeat.

Characteristic feature of other weak heart disease is a heart condition that is often pounding. This condition is also referred to as palpitations, and become one of the symptoms of heart disease should be very wary of. Patients with heart disease may also feel tired more easily when doing activities. Just like problems or other symptoms, a hallmark characteristic of heart disease is also caused by less than optimal blood supply to the entire body. So, to overcome this is usually a patient with heart disease are advised to change the pattern of his life to become more healthy and natural.

And that may be unexpected is a heart disease sufferer can also experience indigestion. Even in a study, it is known that women are two times more likely to experience heart disease characteristic feature of this one than men. Which became the cause is due to the fat clogged arteries that make the blood supply to the heart is reduced. Therefore you should be wary of any indigestion you have experienced with her doctor.

Tips to Prevent Heart Disease Early

Besides knowing what are the characteristics of heart disease, you are also advised to know how to prevention of this deadly disease. Considering heart disease is one of the causes of death that could kill someone suddenly. Then how to prevent heart disease? One that you need to do regularly every day is always meet the intake of vitamin D. Because the vitamin D deficiency was also potentially lead to heart disease.

If you want to keep away from heart disease, you are also advised to begin to change your diet to be healthier. Avoid junk food and also a variety of foods that contain fat and high cholesterol. Begin consume more food processing way steamed or baked, and not with fried. But if you want to consume fried foods, use olive oil when frying food. You are also advised to stop all your bad habits, especially smoking and consuming alcohol.

So after reading this article we hope readers can be more aware and maintain the health of your heart. As an organ in the body whose existence is vital, it is fitting you always pay attention to the condition of your heart. Even if necessary, you may be able to perform routine checks heart health. So this article and hopefully useful.


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