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9 Habits of Fat Causes are Known

When reducing weight is easy, then there wouldn't be a lot of people who are overweight. But in fact reduce weight is difficult enough isn't it? Of course the fries will be more delicious than with chicken salad, or more savory and delicious when fried right? On the other hand, have an ideal weight will make the body feel more comfortable compared to overweight. Therefore it's good we are changing patterns of living changed into healthy living habits.

But to begin with, have you ever actually realize the myriad day-to-day habits that turned out to be quite easy to make the body become even fatter.

Habit 1: Poor preparation
Prepare yourself with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and kabohidrat with wheat. The intent of preparing is to provide these materials in the refrigerator or cupboard of food at home, as well as preparing a lunchbox from home.

Always remember Your ' flaws ', if ' weakness ' you are sweet foods and drinks that are rich in calories, provide fruit that you can carry everywhere to compensate the sweet taste you've always liked.

What preparation can help you control your weight? Check out his tips:
  1. Don't fill your refrigerator with high-calorie foods. Try to prioritize vegetable and fruit included in resident refrigerator and your pantry.
  2. Create your activities outside the home, prepare the lunchbox from home than you need to snack in your activity. With you to prepare food for yourself, you are more easily measured the calorie and nutrient intake that goes into your body, because only God and (maybe) a hawker traders know the actual amount of a nutrient intake from food hawker.
  3. If you are Dieter with a target weight, then prepare the scales in an easy place you see. If you are dieting health targets for the prevention of degenerative disease, ask a family member to help prepare the food you eat, the temptation will be even greater if you prepare the food yourself, unless you're striving to keep his diet for the sake of health.
Habit 2: do not consume Enough Water
White water Consuming drinking water helps maintain the health of the skin, bone, up to channel digestion, and function of the brain. There is a direct relationship between hydration with weight loss.
The journal of the American Chemical Society found that when someone consume 2 cups of plain water a day before eating can reduce weight by as much as 1.5 – 2 kg.

How much water should be drunk? In a day's worth of 1.5 – 2 litres.
However, the amount of fluid intake is very dependent upon your age at this time. Because the fluid needs of each age range.

Habit 3: do not consume enough Protein
People who are too much in daily consumption of carbohydrates in the diet will be difficult to reduce weight. Many have recommended that any additional protein in every meal. An example is the low fat with protein like chicken without the skin, lean meat, eggs, and nuts.
Here's some of the functions of proteins for our bodies:
  • Protein is a nutrient that is needed by the body so that the number kecukupannya should be very aware of. Almost all chemical processes in the body requires protein. A variety of small molecules and ions in the body transported by proteins.
  • Coordination of the fourth member of motion we need protein.
  • The antibodies in our body that are useful for attacking bacteria and viruses that enter also in the form of protein.
  • The protein also serves to provide the materials which is important role for growth and maintain body tissues, as well as set up the continuity of the process in the body.
  • Protein as well as a source of energy if needs cannot be met by the carbohydrates and fats, to the formation and repair of cells and tissues, as well as to help the healing process of the wound.
Habit 4: Consume high-calorie Drinks
High-calorie drinks in question is a sweet or soft drink cans. Change this type of drink with white water, tea or coffee without sugar. Subtract also drinks containing alcohol,
World Health Organization (World Health Organization/WHO) confirmed that the body will need recommendation of sugar is 5% of the total intake of calories needs. Calorie needs such as the body is 2000 calories, then needs the sugar was 16 grams per day.

More and more evidence to support the relationship of increased consumption of soft drink with a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes. What is the actual content of soft drink related weight and diseases such as diabetes?

The use of corn syrup rich in fructose in some soft drinks allegedly is the key element that can lead to diseases such as diabetes. Consumption of fructose cause the development of insulin resistance. Both of these will speed up the perlemakan of the liver and diabetes type 2.

Habit 5: sleep deprivation
A study which examined by Case Western Reserve University reveals the bottom of women above 16 years of age who slept 5 hours or less, have an average weight 5 kg more weight compared to women who slept seven hours or more.

In addition, the lack of sleep triggers a reduction of the amount of the hormone leptin, and ghrelin hormone enhancement, where this process triggers the hungry.
In fact when we talk about the duration of sleep, which has the risk of incurring overweight or obesity is not just a short sleep duration 5-6 hours.
However, the duration of sleep that is 9-10 hours, or even more than that it also increases a person's risk of becoming obese.

Greater the risk of the occurrence of obesity on someone who slept with short duration is 27%, while for sleeping with a long duration is 21% (Chaput et al, 2007).
So, the actual risk of obesity increased both with hours of sleep or less hours of sleep the longer length of the argument.

Habit 6: no Breakfast
Preferably within 2 hours of waking up in the morning you consume food. Breakfast is important, given the body can start fast metabolism that affects calorie burning process better.

Reasons like "I don't have time in the morning" or "I can't eat in the morning" certainly often complained of by someone, but it turns out that when we missed breakfast, lots of losses that could arise in us, which can affect mood, body weight and health.
According to a journal published in The National Weight Control Registry, breakfast affects weight loss.

Habit 7: no Recorded
To reduce weight the other thing you can do is to record all food consumed. Because by looking at the notes, to then allow you to be able to examine the back where your mistakes.
In addition, if you have your notes can be triggered for more excitement to pay attention to things that trigger obesity.

Notes such as how does it mean?
Create a kind of ' diary ' for the food and beverages You regularly. Write the name of the food and drinks are equipped with date and time consumption.
Make note also with the development of your weight from day to day. This is to make it easy for You to compare the intended process in order to be able to run well.
On each pekannya, review and reread your notes. Thus you can observe the custom of eating where where and whenever that turns out to be a cause of obesity culprit and rise your weight.
Habit 8: no Sports
Only by controlling eating alone is not able to directly reduce weight, as well as the results obtained are likely to be unbalanced with a proportionate health. But with regular exercise such as running, swimming and lifting weights, then it can happen calorie burning and speeding up the body's metabolism.

An inactive lifestyle is currently the health problems that the faster growing and including a factor causes various diseases are not contagious in the world, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression and osteoporosis.

Based on the research data base of Health Indonesia in 2007, the largest cause of death caused by the disease is not contagious, and three major disease is stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Let free from the risks of the disease and at the same time maintaining your weight.

Habit 9: Quitter
The initial motivation was happenings for you get started. Become routine habits are things that makes you hang on. Therefore, do not easily give up!!!!
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