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6 Strategies To Lose Weight Successfully

A wide variety of ways to lose weight will not work if you yourself don't have the motivation. Thus, any strategy to do so that Your agency loss program success? There are hundreds of types of diets, weight loss programs, slimming drugs that look promising to lose weight.

However, the basis for an ideal weight loss is actually a healthy low calorie diet and combined with exercise.
For long-term results, you need to make permanent changes in your lifestyle to be more healthy. How do you do?

Here is a surefire tips that you can do to lose weight.

1. Make a commitment
Permanent weight loss does require time and effort, and of course that is not less important is the long-term commitment. Make sure you are prepared to accept a permanent change in the pattern of your life. To be more committed to keeping weight off, you have to stay focused. It takes a mental and physical are primed to change the pattern of your life. When you're ready to start your weight loss plan, set a date and start.

2. Find the motivation
You might want to lose weight because your husband or wife feel you are too fat. But the fact that it is best to motivate yourself. Make a list of why you need to stay focused on this plan, for example because you want to live a more healthy and avoid illness. To further motivate yourself, you can stick a note containing the excitement for yourself. If necessary, make a note of any progress in your weight loss plan in the journal. For example, how intense Your exercise yesterday, how your weight, and others.

3. Set realistic goals
Set a realistic weight loss goal. Don't be too depress yourself excessively. E.g, lose weight 0.5-1 kg/week is considered still ideal. To realize the goals that you have defined, you need to exercise to burn burn 500-1000 calories more than you consume that day, for example through a low calorie diet and exercise routine.

4. Enjoy healthy food
You might often think, healthy food that's certainly it felt awful. But in fact, decrease the amount of calories in a meal does not mean reducing flavor on the food. Try to prepare your own meals using the "healthy" fats such as olive oil or opt for whole wheat bread rather than fresh bread. Don't forget also to consume at least 4 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables every day. And the most important is to enjoy every process and make it become your new habit.
5. Sports
Surely you have grown tired of hearing it. But in fact, the sport is indeed a key points that need to be done for those who want his weight is lost permanently. Regular exercise will help burn calories that you consume. Besides sports also provides a range of health benefits such as improving mood, strengthens the heart, and lowered blood pressure.
How many calories you burn, naturally depends on the intensity of the exercise you do, sports duration and frequency of exercise you do. One of the recommended way to lose weight is with aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, aerobics and gymnastics are performed routinely every day at least 20 minutes.

6. Change the perspective
idaklah enough if you are eating healthy food and exercising only for a few weeks or a few months, but you want is long term weight loss. Change Your way of looking and set yourself that this habit must be used as a way of life and exercised regularly.

The Principle Is Simple To Lose Weight

Diet lose weight down the ideal not only gives an interesting posture views, but also good for the health of the human body.
However many people don't actually know how their ideal weight.
The first principle is that you must know first the target ideal weight you want to achieve.
Let us find out how to calculate your ideal weight and how to achieve the ideal weight.
How to know the ideal weight?

Principle # 1: know the risks the danger of Obesity
Risk of obesity obesity down excessive weight loss could be said to be a disease on its own. The degree of overweight is associated with an increased risk of incident coronary heart disease.
The risk factors include high blood pressure, other, type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. If there are simultaneously, a range of these factors increases the risk of the occurrence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
Then the third principle is to know the right and true way to lose weight that is in accordance with the rules. How to lose weight?
Principle # 2: Know how lose weight is a good true
There are two ways to lose weight, from diet and exercise.
To make it easier, know a few grains are good dietary principles and correct the following:
The simple principle of losing weight is calorie deficit must be between calories in and out. So, in simple terms understandable by: eat eaten should be less than the amount of physical activity.
Total fat provided should be less than 30% of calories.
Carbohydrates include 55-65% of the total energy needs, while the protein around 15% of total calories.
Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables should also be improved.
Increased physical activity is part of which is inseparable from the weight loss program. Physical activity should start gradually and intensitasnya improved gradually.
Patients can start physical activity by walking 30 minutes as much as 3 times a week and increased to 45 minutes as much as 5 times a week. With the increase in activity such as this, expected increased energy expenditure as much as 100-200 calories per day.

The simple principle of strategy and thus lose weight, thank you.


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