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How to remove fat from the knees: 7 simple exercises

These exercises, which can be performed at home, will help you to be in great shape, effectively burning fat on the hips and knees.

Exercises at work: the best ideas for charging office workers

These effective exercises will help for a while to distract from business and stretch numb muscles. You will return to work with new forces and interesting ideas.

Features of nutrition during the menstrual cycle

How to eat during menstruation - "Bilous Anna", a leading expert in the Weight Management Program of the FitCurves fitness club network, a sports dietitian nutritionist, a coach in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

How to recover correctly after birth ?

Here comes this long-awaited day - your baby was born. Finally you're at home, happy and full of energy. The husband wears you in his arms, and your little one is cute or snoozes sweetly alongside.

What if the child is afraid of doctors?

How to help the child overcome the fear of "white coats" and make sure that after leaving the medication cabinet, he had a smile on his face?

10 touching moments of pregnancy, which will be remembered for life

Pregnancy is full of touching moments that will remain in the memory of a woman for life. If you have already given birth - read the article and remember how it was with you. If not, find out what awaits you in the future.

Pain with menstruation: what to do?

Are you concerned about pain in menstruation? Do not you know how to deal with them? We will share with you the secrets of overcoming this ailment.

Skin care: the correct procedure for applying funds

We are not at the age when you can limit yourself to just washing lotion. What to do when there is a lot of creams, serums and scrubs on the shelf, and how do you know this correctly? Read the article!

Healthy sleep: benefit and importance for the body

Almost a third of his life a person spends in a dream and without it simply can not do. In a person's sleep, the activity of metabolic processes and muscle tone decrease, the processes of anabolism go on more actively, nerve structures are inhibited.

Breastfeeding: 12 unexpected things that you do not know

If you soon have to become a mother, and you still have not decided whether to breastfeed, or prefer mixtures - read the article and draw your own conclusions.