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6 Main mistakes of using sunscreen

If you are generously smeared with cream with SPF before going out, but still burned, it means that you chose the wrong tool or misused it.

Nine Secrets to Controlling Skin Oil

Those who have oily skin know the drama that is controlling excess glare . Washing the face several times during the day, passing wet wipes and astringent products are some of the most common preventative measures.

7 Food habits that will add to your health and beauty

Find out how low-fat dairy products affect your health, when you can eat fruit and how to drink water, so as not to harm your digestion.

Water from the tap: 10 hidden dangers

List of the 10 most harmful substances, which from time to time are found in tap water.

10 Reasons to sleep naked: why this habit will make you healthier

The scientists found out that it is best to sleep naked. This is useful not only for keeping the budget, but also for our health.

How to relax at work, when you have stress

Stress is the cause of many ailments, early aging and a decrease in appetite. How to cheer yourself up, when the work of affairs is too much and the boss is not in the spirit?

10 Steps to speed up metabolism

With age, metabolic processes gradually slow down, due to which it is necessary to more closely monitor their diet and lifestyle. Read ten useful tips for those who want to disperse their metabolism.

9 Products that aren't worth buying in the supermarket

To make your food basket more useful and economical, you should exclude these 9 items from it.

Wrinkle Creams: Dangerous Myths and Reality

Many women consider deterioration of a skin condition - the first sign of aging and there and then run to buy to itself creams from wrinkles. This article offers to understand the main inventions associated with such skin care products.

Foods That Lose Weight: Know What They Are

See their main characteristics, in which to invest and how to consume them. There are many foods that can be our allies in the process of weight loss, as well as to maintain weight and healthier terms in general.

7 Reasons to take a bath, not a shower

Bath is a good way to not only relax at the end of a long day, but also get at least 7 health benefits. Why should I set aside half an hour to soak in a warm bath.

How to cope with leg swelling in the summer months

What are the reasons for swelling in the summer and what needs to be known to cope with this problem.

Comfortable disagreed shoes, which had never let you down before, began to rub the calluses. Legs seem wadded, "buzz" and look bulky. Almost every woman faces such problems in the summer heat. The situation is aggravated during menstruation and pregnancy.